310 Lecture Slides

Key Concepts in Descriptive Statistics (PDF)
Of Nizegys and Meenies (PDF)
Getting Started in R and RStudio (PDF)
Using R to Study Statistics (PDF)
Typesetting Your Work (PDF)
Subscript and Summation Notation (Powerpoint)
Summation Algebra Proofs (Powerpoint)
Single Sample Univariate Data Display (PDF)
Measures of Central Tendency (Powerpoint)
Measures of Variability (Powerpoint)
Stories Shape Can Tell (Powerpoint)
Probability Distributions (PDF)
Correlation and Covariance (Powerpoint)
The Laws of Linear Combination (Powerpoint)
Midterm 1 Retrospective (HTML)
Understanding p Values (PDF)
Introduction to Regression (PDF) [[shoesize.csv]]
Introduction to Regression Part 2 (PDF)
Correlational Problems and Fallacies (PDF)
Set Theory (PDF)
Set Calculations in R
Foundations of Probability Theory (PDF)
Computing Probability (PDF)
Combinatorics (PDF)
Random Variab les (PDF)
The Binomial Distribution (PDF) (full.binomial.txt)
Midterm 3 Retrospective
Introduction to Statistical Estimation (PDF)
Interval Estimation and Hypothesis Testing (PDF)
The Chi-Square and F Distributions (PDF)
The t Distribution (PDF)
Introduction to ANOVA (PDF) (Data)(mean.demo)
Quiz 4 Study Topics (PDF)
Quiz 4 Preparation Notes (PDF) (R Code)