2101 Lecture Slides

Strategies for Academic Success (PDF)
Experiments in Everyday Life (PDF)
Course Introduction (PDF)
Approaches to Knowledge (PDF) (CQ)
Statistics and the Scientfic Method (PDF) (CQ)
Threats to Validity (PDF) (CQ)
Subscript and Summation Notation (Powerpoint) (CQ)
Summation Algebra Proofs (Powerpoint) (CQ)
Levels of Measurement and Permissible Transforms (Powerpoint) (CQ)
Frequency Distributions (PDF)
Stories Shape Can Tell (Powerpoint)
Measures of Central Tendency (Powerpoint)
Measures of Variability (Powerpoint)
What's In a List of Numbers? (PDF)
Introduction to Set Theory (Powerpoint)
Introduction to Probability (PDF)
Introduction to R (PDF)
Sampling Distributions (PDF)
Hypothesis Testing (PDF)
Factors Influending Power (PDF)
The Student t Distribution (PDF)
Confidence Interval Estimation (PDF)
The 2-Sample Independent Sample t-Test (PDF) R Code
The Correlated Sample t-Test (PDF) R.Code
Correlation (PDF) (shoesize.csv) (make.scatterplot.txt)
Linear Regression (PDF)
Correlational Problems and Fallacies (Powerpoint)
Analysis of Variance (PDF) (mean.demo)